Why Pixxelsis is the best choice?

There are many reasons why Pixxelsis turned out to be your best chosen Partner in Web Designing and Development. The following highlights our interesting offers.


Custom Web Design: Your wish is our command. 

At Pixxelsis Digital Media, we are specialists in web design. We are experts in designing responsive web pages. We believe it is essential for your sites to be run efficiently and responsibly cross-platform, among all your devices whether it be a Smartphone, tablet or computer.

As we consider portability, we make sure that our design runs essentially not only in desktop versions but also in other platfoms such as smartphones and tablets. 

We determine your design and operational requirements, then we start visualising your ideas combine with our artistic and visualisation choices. As we go along with design development, we value your feedbacks and incorporate them into the draft design, until we come up with the final design theme. 

With regards to your operational requirements, Pixxelsis is expert in online application development. Thus, your website can be from an elegant informative site to a fully integrated online and database driven application and system for your corporate and business needs.

These can include, but not limited to the following: 

  • Iinformative websites such as News, Blogs, Photography, Media, 
  • Corporate & Company websites for all lines of business
  • Business websites for all kinds of business
  • Online Sale and Marketing
  • Hotel Online Booking and Management
  • Jobs & Recruitment Solutions
  • Events Management, Booking and Ticketing

Responsive and Mobile Multiscreen Web Design

Either on desktop, laptop, mobile and tablets, portrait or landscape view, we see to it that our web design fits every screen essentially and pretty cool. Before starting on a design, we plan and research on how to make the end-users experiences easy as possible which is what makes us different.


Top Content Management Solutions

We are quality-oriented web design and development experts and we do not provide designs below a certain standard. We make sure we carry out extensive research before designing a website to make sure that all our work is engineered to meet the demands of our clients. 

We offer a high quality web design service at extremely competitive and affordable rates. We always consider Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into the website to make it easily searchable by and get higher ranks in search engines. 

Updating and maintening the website from our client's end will be essentially easy. With the most popular CMS solution and User Access Control (UAC) we provide, updating and maintenaning the website will be a real fun and extremely interesting. 


Quality Project Implementation

We make sure that we deliver our services to a quality standard required and accepted by our clients by following project management practices and principles. Client's satisfaction is our main focus to achieve in all our project undertakings. 

We make sure to deliver our services within the required Time, Quality Standard, and Cost. 


Highly Reliable and Secured Server

Our server based in the US is highly reliable and secured. We haven't experienced any incident of website hacking or data loss within the past decade of our operation. Our server is highly encrypted. Server Provider's own technical and administrative support is uptime and highly reliable. 

We are highly professional and trustworthy in dealing with private information. 


1 Year Guaranteed Technical Support & Maintenance

We provide FREE technical support and maintenance for our clients within one year with a 99% uptime.